Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Look Around the Studio

Here's a look at my art studio/workspace where my original pen and ink, soft pastel, and acrylic paintings are produced.

Most of my more detailed artwork is produced on the drafting board, see picture below, while my paintings are usually completed on a home made easel which was given to me by my family as a gift several years ago. You can see a picture of my current project on the drafting table, a 1973 Corvette, in the setting of a "blue moon" over the lake. Stay tuned for my next post, which will give more information about that project.

To the left of the drafting board is my reference library which contains lots of instructional books on art and running an art business. Currently I'm reading the book "How to Profit from the Art Print Market" by Barney Davey. Mr Davey has a ton of experience in this field from working many years at Decor magazine. Highly recommended if you are an artist looking for ways to enhance your art business through the sale of art prints. You can check out his website at where he lists his book, a newsletter, and other resources for marketing art.

To the right of the room is a series of ardmores with additional shelves added to store my art supplies and the forty plus 11 x 14 inch art prints which are sold online at . I'm working to getter better orginized for storing my original pen and ink drawings and getting them scanned or photographed so they'll be available in an electronic format for going to the printers in the future.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour of the studio! Send a comment if you have any questions about my artwork, studio, or techniques.

Thanks, Rick

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