Monday, January 5, 2009

Current Project - 1972 Corvette

Here's a preview of my current project. This is a 1972 Corvette in a setting of a moonlit night with the moon's reflection shimmering across the water and leading up to the main focus of the picture, the car itself.

At this point, I have about 11 hours of painting time into the picture so far. The painting, which is 16 X 20 inches, wil have about 30 to40 hours total time put into it before it is completed. The painting is being done in acrylics. To help slow the drying time of the painting, I use a special medium and keep my palette in a sealable plastic bag, with a wet sponge, in between painting sessions.

I still need to complete a lot of details in the car and add some clouds and stars to the background before the picture will be done. I'm considering adding some clothes laying around to the side of the car and possibly a couple of silhouttes in the water to make it look like a couple has made a spontaneous stop at the lake and decided to jump in a go skinny dipping. If you have an opinion you'd like to share about that idea, please post a comment and take part in helping to mold the final outcome of this painting.

When completed, this picture will be made into art prints. I usually have 11 X 14 inch open edition prints made of my paintings (go to to see curren prints available) and two sizes of Limited Edition prints. Two hundred fifty at 16 X 20 inches and two hundred fifty at 20 X 24 inches. These retail at $30, $85, and $120 respsectively. If interested in signing up for a pre-release order you may contact me through the blog or at

Stop back and check out the progress on this painting. I will post again in about two weeks with an update. Hope to hear from lots of you regarding this latest painting! Rick

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