Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off to the Printers

The 1972 Corvette painting has been completed! I've had the Open Edition prints made at a local print shop. They came out great and will be posted at http://www.rasart.com/ and http://www.rickspooner.com/ soon. They will sell for around $30 per print and will be hand signed by the artist.

Now I'm working with a "giclee" art printer to have the Limited Edition prints done also. These will be produced in two different sizes. One set will be printed on 16 X 20 inch paper, with an 11 X 14 inch image size. The second set will be printed on 20 X 24 inch paper, with an 16 X 20 inch image size. These will sell for around $85 to $120 respectively and will be nad signed and numbered by the artist, me.

The original painting was done on illustration board in acrylics, with a 16 X 20 inch image size, so the larger print will be the same size as the orginal artwork. The official release will be announced through PRWEB. Pre release orders will be accepted at rasart@msn.com .

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