Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Commissioning a Custom Work of Art

As an artist, I enjoy creating artwork for others just as much and sometimes more than those pieces of art I create for myself.  They give me a specific subject to focus on, a pressing deadline, which helps me discipline myself to paint, even when I don't feel like it, and there's nothing like getting back the positive feedback after completing a custom artwork that more than satisfies the client!

Join me over the next several posts as I walk through the process of commissioning a custom work of art for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

On one of my website pages I have a form designed to give me a heads up for someone interested in working with me for a custom work of art.  I discuss the idea of giving a custom artwork as a gift, payment methods, and the three steps to commissioning a custom art piece.

Three Easy Steps

STEP 1. Complete the Request for Custom Art form below and select submit:

STEP 2. You will be contacted to discuss project details, my current schedule and make your downpayment.

STEP 3. When completed you will be provided with a proof of the final artwork for your approval, pay the balance for the order and the completed artwork will be safely shipped to you by USPS or UPS.

Once someone has contacted me through the use of this form or by email, I contact them directly and we discuss what they're interested in accomplishing with the new art piece.  We discuss some possible variations in the background and mediums to use and whether or not they have a hardfast deadline to meet.

Typically the client provides me with pictures of the subject, but often I do additional research to get more details, as well as additional ideas for the background setting for the artwork.  I usually do several thumbnail sketches, about 3 by 4 inches in size, to get a feeling for the desired layout and composition of the artwork.

Then I create my initial sketch of the new piece directly on the chosen foundation.  In the picture below, you can see the rough sketch created for my latest commissioned piece, a 1958 Ferrari. 

In my next post I'll show some of the initial panting process as the picture progressed.  Hope you've enjoyed learning more about the process of commissioning custom art work! 

Please contact me about creating a comissioned work of art for yourself at or use this form.


  1. it certainly looks beautiful from the sketch

  2. nice painting. i really love this. thanks for posting this one. keep posting.